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        AFTER SALE

              Qingdao Borui can provide after-sales service that is not inferior to local equipment suppliers. In the network era, the distance between the world is brought close, problems in equipment operation or problems in operation can be communicated and solved through real-time network video calls. For the products sold overseas, we provide the following after-sales services:

               1. The main mechanical and electrical products and parts are manufactured by local manufacturers who can purchase and easily obtain after-sales service.

               2. In addition to the device manual, we will also provide related videos or photos to help you learn more about the device.

               3. If there is any problem during the one-year warranty period, it can be solved by online video call. If the problem still cannot be solved, the company will send professionals to solve the problem on the spot.

               4. Even after the one-year warranty period, the service will be provided free of charge through the Internet in real time. Other services are charged.

               5. The company also has Japanese engineers and related technical personnel to provide installation and after-sales services for overseas customers.

        AFTER SALE


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