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              Tsingtao borui equipment manufacture Co., LTD, Located in the beautiful coastal city of Qingdao. Convenient transportation, logistics is convenient.

              My company is a set of development, production and sales of integrated food machinery manufacturing company. The company introduced in Japan and the United States, and the foreign advanced technology, strict according to import Japan and the United States, and quality requirements. Main products: all kinds of food machinery, all kinds of food conveyor, the bubble vegetables cleaning machine, vacuum cooling of food machine, Vegetable dehydrator, cut food machine, cutting butyl machine, choose dry food machine, automatic tipping bucket cut food machine (blanching, sterilization, cleaning once finished), Scattered machine, Carrot peeling machine, Burdock peeler, Burdock cutters, food vacuum cooling drying equipment, hotting-wind drying equipment. all kinds of stainless steel countertops, water tank, cleaning and washing machine.  

              Has Shandong LuHua group Co., LTD, Longda Foodstuff Group Co., Ltd, Fox (China) food Co., LTD (Germany), Shandong shanfurishui Co., LTD (Japan), Qingdao xiuai food Co., LTD , Harbin of qunde economic and trade company (USA), Shandong Dalin Food Co., Ltd., Dalian Hongyu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Qingdao Fengguang Precision Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Japan), Lotte Foods (China) Co., Ltd. (Korea),  Leshan, Sichuan Xicheng Natural Food Co., Ltd Etc. food, Pharmaceuticals, machinery manufacturing provided various stainless steel products and professional equipment, complete sets of equipment and had good impression by uers.

              Since its establishment, the company put its product quality first, the establishment of a comprehensive quality assurance system.

              Since its establishment, We are constantly working on new product development and technological innovation, product development to a dozen varieties. Years of development and production of food machinery experience, complete testing means and perfect after-sales service, our products sold nationwide and exported to some countries and regions.

              We adhere to the cost of quality of survival, to breed innovation and development, service integrity and brand management philosophy. Friends around the user's interest, help and support, expanding markets, grew rapidly.

              The company insists on focusing on all kinds of automated equipment design, manufacturing, service, and to have a group of professional personnel and advanced equipment for the foundation, will be able to meet the food factory equipment for the planning, design, installation and service demand.



        公 司:



        E-mail:[email protected]

        地 址:青島市高新區華貫路819號聯東U谷產業園B4